masonfreedmanking asked “I've watched Charmed at least 100 times.But recently i watched an episode i had NEVER seen before. i own the freaking box sets, so i thought it was impossible that i could have missed one. I still think that i may have dreamed it up. It was with Prue, so an early season & it kept flashing back to before Grams died & kinda played along with a present day scenario as well.& it showed Grams falling down the stairs and the famous Po3 photo being taken, I cant find the episode again! Was it a dream??”

I think the episode you are looking for is Pre-Witched in season three. :)

masonfreedmanking asked “Charmed is such a big part of my life. I'm 18 and i still watch it at least three times a week. In fact, i fall asleep watching Charmed. I normally scare really easily, so i avoid scary shows etc but with Charmed i feel okay.”
theglassfloor asked “I think scrying, teleporting, healing, energy balls, and Piper’s explosion power were all overused. The magic of the show was more mysterious before any of those things were introduced.”
Anonymous asked “The moment I saw Alyssa as a mermaid, I felt like I had fallen in love.”
youve-got-me-hooked asked “I wish they would have brought Prue on for the final episode. It was a fantastic ending but always lacked something, and I believe that was Prue. It would have been so awesome.”
Anonymous asked “I can't help but feel that the writers felt like real Cupid in season 2 wasn't cute enough for the show anymore. So they just paired Phoebe with "a" cupid. :(. But I will always ship Phoebe with the real cupid in Season 2, because THEY are soulmates forever.”
masonfreedmanking asked “it bugged me that Phoebe didn't get cooler powers, like i always felt like Shannen was over-powering Alyssa and had to be the best. So that's why think the production company let Phoebe be an empath and levitate.”
Anonymous asked “i love coop and phoebe together too i wish there could have been more seasons with them as a couple what do you think?”

I completely agree. I feel like more people would have liked them if they had the build up like Phoebe’s other love interests. 

Anonymous asked “I still feel that Paige doesn't really fit in just for being the fourth Charmed One. It's unfair.”
wonderweise asked “I like Prue a lot but I think Charmed went better when Paige came in. She was so funny and quirky it loosened the very tight atmosphere of the series when Prue was around. I still miss Prue though.”
Anonymous asked “I like Prue for being bad-ass, Piper for making those sarcastic comments and faces, Phoebe for being a jerk with a heart of gold and Paige for being quirky.”
Anonymous asked “I always wished Melinda Warren would have stayed and taught them when they brought her back in season 1. I always wonder how different things would have been if that had happened.”
Anonymous asked “I probably wouldn't have hated Billie and Christy so much if they hadn't had to write out Leo to afford the actresses.”
Anonymous asked “Prue was always my least favourite sister when I watched Charmed as a kid, but now she is my favourite. I think I only understood her pain when I got older. I realise now we are actually very similar.”
Anonymous asked “I love how perfect Henry and Paige are for one another”

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